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Whatever you do or wherever you go, the Touring Hybrid ONE will accompany you with style and comfort. In addition to being accessible and versatile, our e-bike with Bosch system offers everything you need to make every ride a real joy. Both for the low entry model and for the trapezoidal and men's variants, our engineers have cleverly created a frame capable of perfectly integrating the Bosch motor unit and battery, both by placing them in the optimal position and for safe driving and a elegant appearance, of which you will be proud. Also thanks to the efficiency of the Shimano 9-speed gearbox you can climb any climb with great ease, while with the hydraulic disc brakes you will stop safely in any weather condition. At the same time, the fenders, the lighting system and the stand will offer you the compatibility that is suitable for every situation. Yes, at this point, you just need to jump in the saddle and ride with the best electric city bike in the world for value for money. An affordable price does not imply compromises. Also because this word does not fit into the vocabulary of our engineers. Therefore, in every variant of Touring Hybrid ONE, that is to say with low, trapezoidal and male overpass, the same attention to detail has been placed, as demonstrated, for example, by the SmoothWelding welding technique and the internal passage of cables that reduces the needs of maintenance. But the real stars are the Bosch motor and battery, brilliantly inserted in every type of frame in order to keep the center of gravity of the bicycle low. This feature is of great importance because, together with our Efficent Comfort geometry, it gives TouringHybrid ONE a handling that is based on instilling confidence that you will immediately fall in love with.

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