There really is a very good reason for the success of our highly acclaimed full trail devourer, Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro. Well ... different reasons, to be precise. This e-bike with an adventure-driven Bosch engine system is dynamic, stable, incredibly light, elegant and able to offer an extraordinarily efficient means of expanding your off-road horizons. If desired, the built-in battery can be recharged without having to be taken off the chassis so we also have enough space to carry a water bottle on the down tube on longer rides in the hills. The Agile Ride geometry and the specially designed shock absorber provide that stimulating control and comfort that is proof of whatever terrain you'll need to dominate any kind of trail, from long rides on uphill roads to high-speed descents on twisty singletracks and strewn with roots and rocks. And thanks to the smooth RockShox JudySilver easy adjustment fork, the RockShox Monarch combined shock absorber and the efficient 10-speed Shimano gearbox that integrates with the powerful Bosch CX engine unit, this bike will offer you everything you need to push you further.

3.199,00 € VAT included



Can you improve a virtually perfect product? For our designers it is nothing but a challenge like many others. The all-new Stereo Hybrid 160 SL elevates the concept of enduro hybrid to a new level by combining a brand new aluminum chassis and selected components to further improve performance. The harmonious appearance, the built-in battery, the Bosch CX engine unit and the 11-speed Shimano XT transmission make this model a real force on the mountain ranges, not to be underestimated. Given also the excursion capable of swallowing any rock, provided by the Fox 36FloatPerformance 170mm fork and the Float DP X2 Performance EVOLUTIO shock, it is not difficult to understand why we are so enthusiastic about this bike. The Fox Transfer PerformanceElite telescopic seat post with internal cable entry adds the perfect finishing touch allowing you to have more options for your adventures. After all, you only live once. And should not the choice of bicycle be taken into account?



Our very famous full devour of paths, Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro, continues to evolve with a completely revised frame for 2018, which we have made more comfortable, stable, light, elegant and simple to use. If desired, the integrated battery can be charged without having to be removed from the chassis and we have also provided enough space to carry a water bottle on the down tube in longer rides in the hills. The completely renovated Agile Ride geometry and a custom shock absorber provide that stimulating control and comfort that is proof of whatever terrain you need to master all types of trails, from long uphill rides to high-speed descents on winding paths and littered with roots and rocks. With a smooth, easy-to-adjust Suntour fork and a reliable 10-speed Shimano transmission, this bike will take your off-road adventures further than you think possible.

3.299,00 € VAT included



Measure available 17 '(tall people from 168cm to 177cm) Always, Stereo Hybrid 120 EXC is a kind of legend, but for our designers it was not enough. For 2018, we increased the wheelbase so as to allow the mounting of 2.6 "tires for excellent grip and comfort, while the classic Hybrid was left behind: a trail mountain bike capable of juggling with mæstria in any situation, always up to even the most complex technical routes.To ensure that you have a total control, in front of the embellished with a Fox 34 Rhythm fork and behind with a Fox Float DPS EVOL cushion. hydraulic discs keep the speed under control, even at the height of fun.The components of the 11-speed SLX and XT transmission, known for its precision and soft gear, will allow you to always find the right ratio. Bosch CX traction and the powerful 500 Wh battery will provide the propulsion needed for each adventure.

CUBE STEREO HYBRID 140 TM 500 27.5 2018


Measure available: 18 '(high people from 170cm to 177cm) How to build an E-Mountainbike Mountain Ranger without Equals? Easy: just give the CUBE designers a blank sheet and tell them not to compromise. The result will be Stereo Hybrid 140 TM, a brand-new, high performance aluminum E-Mountainbike, combining 140mm excursion and the best available at our disposal. The power delivered is the result of the Bosch CX traction system integrated in the 11-speed Shimano XT chassis and transmission, which the Magura MT 7 hydraulic disc brakes will keep at bay. The Fox 36 Float Performance fork and the Float DPX 2 Performance EVOL cushion offer a virtually unlimited suspension that is easy to adjust and able to devour any obstacle, while the Transfer Performance Elite telescopic saddle makes it accessible to any trail. At the same time, we added Race Face components and a Newmen Evolution SL E35 wheel set, wrapped up with Schwalbe high-performance tires. If you were looking for the best of all mountain E-Mountainbikes, you've just found it. The powerful Bosch traction system has specific requirements. Fortunately, we have been using it for several years and therefore we know it well. For this reason, for our Stereo Hybrid 140 TM, our engineers have developed a brand new ultra-rigid oblique hose made of a single piece by gravity casting, which completely incorporates the battery under a removable, splash proof cover. In addition, they have the powerful CX engine unit of a protective cap to prevent damage to the bump. On the oblique tube there is space for a wristbender and, if you prefer, the battery can be recharged without having to be detached from the chassis. The harmonious rear carriage has a Boost through pin and, thanks to the protection provided by the platform, the shock absorber is protected from the splashes produced by the rear wheel. The internal passage of the cables extends to the telescopic saddle and, in addition to protecting the cables, gives the assembly an extremely clean appearance.



If you are really looking for the ultimate non of full-electric suspension MTB, Hybrid Stereo 120 ONE is right up your alley. Our award-winning trails devours-120mm has become even more accessible while maintaining the same high performance, thanks to the combination between the superb motor unit Bosch CX and Shimano 10-speed transmission. If we then add the impeccable Suntour fork and renowned Agile Ride CUBE geometry, the result is a virtually insurmountable e- MTB.